Michael is growing up in many ways

Michael is getting taller and is improving his speech in a lot of ways now. He loves to describe things and talks a lot except when he is watching TV. He describes things he saw, he recalls things from months ago and when we go back to somewhere he has been before, he says, we were here before. He has a great memory. Last week at the Cape, mom and I took Michael and John Paul to dinner at Wimpy’s in Osterville. He immediately said upon entering the restaurant, “we were here before.” The last time we were there was Valentine’s Day.
When Daddy was showing Michael a coaster from DVC-Disney Vacation Club, Michael remembered the symbol on it and said we got this in Disney World. He even remembered this week when he opened a Thomas pull toy that he received one on his B-day–that was his SECOND B-day–we are not sure if he remembers this from watching a video or actually his B-day, but either way, that is pretty good! He remembers all the shows and movies he has been to in the last 2.5 yrs and remember who he was there with. He knows what people like–he always mentions John Paul liking Spider Man and Sponge Bob.
Michael loves to draw and color and has a vivid imagination. He draws monsters, snakes and people. He loves it when daddy pretends to be a BIG Monster and comes chasing Michael and Matthew! :-)

Michael loves doing play doh and making shapes with cookie cutters. He also loves to color but has trouble staying in the lines. Matthew also likes to color.
Michael loves Nana to read him bedtime books and loves to go out with Nana in her car and is very interested in where Nana is on a daily basis. Michael loves to watch what he calls “Reg” shows–these are regular shows on TV–such as channel 2, Caillou, Sesame Street, Curious George, Sid the Science Kid. He also likes us to put on Sprout shows–which can be Handy Manny, Caillou, Thomas, and Mickey Mouse ClubHouse. He likes Winnie the Pooh movies and many Disney movies, such as Pinocchio, Jungle Book, Cars, ToyStory, Aristocats.

The only behavioral problems we have had in the last year and a half of so with Michael has been that when we go to a store with him and he sees Thomas items or other toys, like Legos, he wants to buy many items at times and can have a total meltdown when we say we can only get you one or two or none–he especially has a temper tantrum when he is overtired.
The other issue with Michael is that since he does not nap consistently, but still needs the nap, he gets overtired easily and whines like a baby, and says comments, “Don’t get mad at me.” He may say this when there was no reason for us to be mad–this is when we know he is exhausted because he will say the statement, “Don’t get mad over and over and over in a whining tone.

Michael does not usually give a problem with going to bed, but once in bed, he will call for one of us usually two times to ask us questions, such as “Do I have school tomorrow?” Are we going to play with a certain toy tomorrow? Or, tonight he asked me what day it is, what month it is and what tomorrow is? Bedtime Routine consists of: tub–if tub night, brushing teeth, reading two or three books, and being tucked in with snuggly blankets. He likes his closet light on and Music CD that he has had since he was a baby on. Michael also gets a water bice (sippy cup)–this is either regular water or grape water. Matthew has no music and gets no bice in his crib.

Since he turned 4, he only naps 2 or three days a week and some weeks, only one day and many weeks, these naps will only happen in the car–mommy’s car–without Nana’s DVD player. Therefore, on the days he does not nap, he is very tired by 4 or 5 and usually goes to bed on those nights by 7pm, the same time as Mattie.

Michael’s behavior towards his brother is usually very good, unless he is overtired–then he may try to push him over, pour water on his head in the tub, and crash into him with his bike in the driveway.

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