Matthew likes books a lot now

Since around February 2009, Matthew loves books and loves to hold books now in his carseat and he likes to sit in Michael’s Thomas bed and have nana or mommy read him and Michael 2 books at bedtime if the boys are going to bed at the same time.
Matthew likes tubs and loves to have cups in the tub and pour water from one to the other. He started using the expression nuff about a month ago and this means enough and to stop whatever we are doing!
He loves to chase Michael and he gets so excited when Michael is chasing him.

He likes to use a fork and spoon and is fairly successful at feeding himself with stabbing the food with a fork. If nana is eating cottage cheese or yogurt or crackers, he wants some and will allow nana to feed him as much as he wants, but if we get a yogurt out of the regrigerator for him or apple sauce or other messy food to eat, he will not allow us to feed it to him! He is very specific as to what he wants and when he wants it.

Matthew likes the pool at Southport, but does not like his yellow boat. He likes to splash nana, or Michael or mommy. He likes movement a lot and likes the feeling of going up and down into the water.
Matthew loves to play with Michael in the backseat when both are in their carseats. They play with toys and Matthew tries to repeat things Michael says– it is very cute.

Since the warmer weather, Matthew loves being outside. He loves slides and can climb steps to go up to the top of some very high slides. He loves the sand boxes at playgrounds.

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