Matthew changes times he uses B (Binkie-Pacifier)

When Early Intervention came out to evaluate Matthew for qualification, one of the speech issues they discussed with me was to minimize the time Mattie uses a binkie. We started that day with only giving it to him at naptime and at bedtime.

It worked out very well and the only exception is when we are going in the car and it is his naptime or we know he is very tired–we give him his puppy dog and Binkie then. He did not give us too much of a problem with this, which was a surprise to me.

Mathew loves Gymboree and likes to do certain things at the class, such as put balls in a bucket, and when all the balls are done and are in the bucket, he wants the bucket emptied, so he can do more, more……..

He has a temper and is very loud so he can get what he wants. If he had his way, he would walk around with food–cookies, crackers, anything and make a mess all over the place. He is a very messy eater, but is slowly getting a little better. He loves Food–most all foods, and will keep saying more, more, more…

Around March 2009, he discovered how to buckle and unbuckle the booster seat when he is not in it and also the stroller buckle and that keeps him occupied often for a half hour or so.

He loves to see birds flying, airplanes, dogs walking, and will make comments until we acknowledge that we see what he is pointing out to our attention.

He is not often agreeable to what we recommend–and clearly says no, with the shake of the head from left to right. He likes to be the one to initiate what to do. For example, if at the playgroung, and I recommend going on the swing, he usually says, “no, but at some later point, he will make his way over to the swings and make noises until I put him in the baby swing.

He loves to use Nana’s swiffers much to her dismay, because he does not use them correctly. :-)

He loves to push his baby carriage and grocery cart around the house and front yard and put things in and out of them. He loves to help put things away in a bucket or box, but then will want to dump it out again. :-)

He loves his toy kitchen and toolbench that the Schaeffer’s gave him and loves to pretend to eat and serve us food. He likes to play with the train table, and does a good job of destroying Michael’s track that daddy takes a long time to assemble!!

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