Describing Matthew

Since 15 months or so, Matthew will go and pick up what he wants such as animal crackers or pirates booty and bring them to one of us- and whine until we feed it to him. He knows what he wants a lot but has a hard time communicating at times, so he screams or cries.

Matthew likes Gymboree and likes to feed himself-he loves being given a little spoon or fork and tries to feed himself.

Words he says as of 18 months: dog, duck, mama, dada, na-na, bice, dot and tries to imitate when we draw dots on a page–loves crayons and when Michael is coloring in a restaurant or at home, he scibbles on a paper with a crayon.

He stopped nursing about 5 days before his 15-month visit-fairly abruptly–was nursing 1-2 times morning and night for about 5 minutes.
We tried giving him whole regular milk, but he started picking up Michael’s organic milk-strawberry or vanilla flavored milk, and then he would not drink the plain milk–Dr. Kramer said not to worry about it.

Is in Early intervention since Sept for walking and loves Sue McGinley coming on Monday mornings to work with him.

Loves to go for stairs and climb them–has a one-track mind and will keep trying something over and over–hard to re-direct.

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